Mini Roller Blinds

Mini Roller Blinds

The fabrics used in this curtain are varied and are produced and supplied in various types of polyester, linen, silk and cotton, using natural and synthetic fibers and in various transparent, semi-transparent and opaque modes. Transparent curtains are produced in a variety of shades, shiny, foamy, and transparent shades. The texture and texture of the screen The curtains are such that in the low profile of the curtain, while preserving the external appearance of the building, it prevents direct light from the sun and ultraviolet rays into the building's interior. Otherwise, much of the interior, including carpets, sofas and signs, will be damaged. Another type of curtain called "Foam shot", in the open state, is able to prevent 95 percent of the passage of light so that the interior becomes dark like the night. These types of curtains are designed to control the entrance of light into environments such as shop windows that may damage the direct sunlight or the bedroom. Another type of this type of curtain is the transparent curtain because of its thin texture, it is used only to reduce the intensity of sunlight, and in the open state, the exterior of the building is still visible.

Features Mini Roller Blinds

  • Installing on the window of windows windows. Applicable to spaces that are lacking in space. Ease of opening and closing windows. Ability to run as a single piece and a few pieces on the windows and the dedicated control of each curtain.

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