Motorized Blinds

Motorized Blinds

This system is also important in lighting and ventilation systems, so that with the intelligent control of the curtain condition, the natural light entry and its thermal effects can be taken into account, which means the true sense of intelligent control. Controllers and smart engines allow you to control blind, roll, simple, etc. left / right round and up / down or shade slides. The electric curtain with a completely silent engine can create a smooth and pleasant movement for your home screen.

Features Motorized Blinds

  • Possibility to set the timer and time sensor and program on the electric curtain motor.
  •  Possibility to install a light sensitive sensor to open and close the curtain with ambient light.
  •   Possibility of installing a wind sensor to open and close openings in the open air in the event of wind blowing. Multi-channel remote control for simultaneous control of several electric shutter motors in one place.

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