The slim fabric of this fabric gives it a very tidy texture so that even if your curtain is low, you will still be able to see the view. On the contrary, it happens at night, when the light inside the house gets out of the outside and looks out of your home. For this reason, it is recommended to use transparent cloths alongside the usual dual cloths to allow the second cloth to block the view from the outside. People who do not have a problem with the view from the outside, or, in other words, they can not choose their own home, can choose this type of fabric. By visiting the dealers, choose a new hinged cover. If you want, with a single call, the new canopy installation and measurement team will be available at your place and samples will be presented to you locally. The new canopy will answer your questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Features Transparent

The fabric used in the Shields of the New Avengers is all the product of the Swedish ALMEDAHLS Company. The main feature of this fabric is that, while reducing the intensity of sunlight per day, it still retains a view of the outdoors. This fabric is available in various designs and colors in the new canopy offices.

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